Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sushi in the clearance bin

Here is a bit of advice: If the platter of sushi is clearanced at Meijer’s, don’t buy it. I love sushi, and love that it is relatively low in points.

Finding anything even remotely fresh, is not likely in the center of Michigan. Well, as cheap as I am, when I saw it 40% off at Meijer’s, I popped it in my cart.

It wasn’t poison, but it could have been cardboard for the way it tasted. Even marked down, it cost over $5 bucks. That could have bought a package of Vitamuffins.

That is my tip for the day: don’t buy old sushi….


Mary said...

Haha, that is good advice. I don't even know if I trust "fresh" sushi from supermarkets. I would rather go to a sushi restaurant, that just feels safer to me.

Kery said...

Ew. That sure didn't sound very appetizing.

I don't really trust supermarket sushi either. In fact, I make my own. Especially when it has to do with raw foods like fish, I am *very* wary of anything that has been out for more than one hour (I wouldn't even prepare sushi in the evening to eat the day after for lunch, that's to say).