Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mirror Mirror, on the Wall

I bought a full length mirror this week at Meijer’s. Why is this important you may ask? I have not had a full length mirror in my house for over a decade.

Why bother, I use to think. I look awful no matter what I am wearing; I’m never going to impress anyone, why should I even have one of those things? Literally, I have only had the bathroom mirror on my medicine cabinet and the mirror on my dresser to look at myself. Both of which only revealed my body from the chest up.

What a difference 6 months can make. Since I have bought some smaller clothes, I actually care that something isn’t too big and baggy before I exit the house. I have been relying on John for feedback, but who really trusts a man’s (unless of course he is gay) judgment on clothes or the way you look.

So yes, I bought a full length mirror that hangs over the door. I haven’t hung it yet as we lost electricity as soon as I arrived home last night, but it will be done first thing when I get home from work tonight.


heather said...

it's me again. congrats on the drs. appt. you have to focus on the positives no matter how you get them. so the scale wasn't nice to you this week but look at what the dr. told you. you are adding years to your life with every good food, water and exercise decision you make. yahoo!!!

Kery said...

My sister has one nifty full-length mirror in her apartment: it will always make you look slimmer. (It's probably the reason why she bought it in the first place!)

I'm considering getting one as well, but I'm afraid I'd spent my time in front of it flexing my arms to see how my muscles are defined. I'm afraid lifting weights has made me quite, uh, vain. ;)