Friday, January 11, 2008

Having a "Fat Day"

You know, I never understood that expression. I’m having a “Fat Day”. Fat Day? I used to think…”.I’m fat everyday what the hell does that mean that you are having a fat day?”. You are the same size (give or take) everyday. Going to bed at night and then getting up in the morning isn't going to change how much I stretch my underwear out. Nor is what I wear isn’t going to change that I am fat.

That is, until today. Since the end of July I have gone down roughly 3 sizes of clothing. Shopping last week (on allowance day) I picked up a “yoga” looking top that looked like it was a wrap. Buying this was a big stretch for me usually my first choice in clothing is anything that resembles a tent, or tablecloth certainly not anything that hugs or clings to me. I got more compliments and felt like a million bucks wearing that top on Monday. People who had not said anything about my weight loss came up to me and told me how great I looked.

The rest of the week I was back to wearing my way too big pants and sweaters and I really felt “fat” again. I felt like I had gained weight (oh pray not!), and felt dumpy and not nearly as attractive as I did on Monday wearing my new top. I can feel it in the way I carry myself even. I look forward to allowance day again next week so I can buy another article or two in my current size.

The clothes may not make the woman, but they sure can influence the way the woman feels.

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