Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New equipment

I talked the owner of our company into getting a new piece of equipment for our corporate gym. Late last week he asked me when our new ellipticals were coming and I had to remind him that he is the one with the checkbook.
Anyway, he gave me the go ahead to look for our ellipticals (he wants one for here and one for his home gym). He wants to be sure that we buy commercial grade equipment. No wobbly Proform stuff here! When this company does something, they do it right.

Yesterday I popped over to our local university recreation center and looked at what they were using. They use PreCore equipment and the administrator said they take a lot of abuse and don’t break down on him. I found it very interesting that they had NO treadmills. When I asked him why, he said that treadmills are the most litigious pieces of fitness equipment meaning more people fall and get hurt and then sue the owners. So they just removed them all. I suppose their students don’t miss them as they had an 200 meter track inside to walk on that had 3 inches of rubber underneath the surface.

So if any of you work out at a commercial gym and love your elliptical, or notice the brand of elliptical that is always broken down please let me know.

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