Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Half Mile

You know how I said in yesterday’s post that some days you just know you can run and other days you know you can’t? Well, yesterday I could run.

I warmed up for 2 minutes at a normal walking pace (3.7 speed) and then did a half of a mile at a 4.7 speed (had I done the entire mile I would have had a 12.50 minute mile. It took me 6:42 minutes to do the half. Then I played back and forth with the speed until the last 10th of the mile and then went at a 5.0 level. So I ended up with a finishing time of 13:52. Okay, not breaking any sound barriers with that time, but I increased my distance significantly.
I cannot even describe how it feels to run. Maybe when I’ve completed a mile I’ll use white shoe polish and decorate my car so the world can see I ran a mile. Seriously...... I think it was better than “The Big O"! ( if you think about it….you can have an “O” every day but you only run your first half mile once!) I smiled all the way home and thought John would have to surgically remove the big silly grin from my face I was so thrilled with myself.

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pam52881 said...

yay! a couple years ago when I was running alot I would feel the same way when I accomplished something further or faster that I had set out to do. Its the "runners high", its incredible and highly addictive. I have been trying to get back there and this blog makes me want to even more:) I am so happy for you! Pam Simmons