Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Savor it for goodness sakes!

I bought some of the 100 calorie chocolate that Hershey’s has recently unveiled. I really like dark chocolate. They end up being 2 WW points per serving. Perfect, I can a have a chocolate fix without having a fiber one bar because we all know what your body does after eating one of those. I would like to have one afternoon without gas please!

So I open up the dark chocolate candy bar and before I can even blink I have the first bite in my mouth and my hands are already breaking off a second piece before I’ve even chewed the first piece. Whoooooo Nellie!!!!!! Slow down and savor the moment will ya? I know this goes back to the sneak eating.

This time, however,(being that I have grown leaps and bounds as a healthy person) I realized what I was doing and set the candy bar down and started to write this entry. Progress…evolving…I think so? Hey, I think there is a chance that I am becoming a thinking human being. Yeah me!

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