Friday, January 18, 2008

The Rotisserie chicken!

I picked up a Rotisserie Chicken the other day (which if you’ve been following along is one of my trigger foods) when I was at Meijer. It just smelled soooooo good when I walked by the deli and it was waving its little wing at me to come over and say hello and then how could I not taken it home once we exchanged pleasantries.

Driving home that divine smell filled my car and drove me crazy. I am fortunate that these are so messy that there is no temptation to crack open the little plastic bubble that it is so carefully resting in to steal a leg to eat on the way home. BTW....I think its terrible they try to pass these off as chickens. As a young girl, we raised chickens. These things they sell in the store are more like cornish game hens they are so small. Our chickens averaged 8-10 pounds! Now that, my friends is a chicken. Try being 6 years old running away from that thing flopping without its head on slaughter day! Oh the nightmares I had growing up!!!

So I got home, whisked my new little friend into the kitchen, beat the dogs back and opened the lid. The first thing I did was peel all of the skin off everything and I split it (the skin… not the chicken) between all the dogs. I’m lucky a fight didn’t break out right there in the kitchen. Then I carefully cut it apart and weighed……YES…… WEIGHED out the portion I was planning on for my dinner. Whooopeee! I conquered the Rotisserie Chicken! One more food temptation beaten to a pulp.

P.S. I do realize that this is not a picture of a rotisserie chicken. These are Peking ducks ready for roasting in China. The goofy grinning guy was one of the people on my trip.

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