Thursday, November 12, 2009

Has it really been a year?

Man, this really sucks. It has been almost a year since I fell off the wagon. Still paying for my WW monthly pass, but haven't weighed in since sometime this September and my attendance was really spotty even before then.

I am guessing I've gained back about 20 pounds. Exercise....what's that? Haven't lifted a weight or walked a mile in a month.

I'd like to say I am ready to be refocused and start again, but I just can't get over that bridge from gluttony back to health and wellness. Believe me I give myself a pep talk every day. "What do you really want out of life Brenda", I ask myself. "Health and feeling in control of my life", I answer. Then it's like I have ADD (no offense intended to anyone with the affliction) and get sidetracked by snickers bars in the office or the hubby suggesting pizza for dinner.

I actually wouldn't even be sitting here typing had it not been for a comment that I got in my email today on the last post I put out there over a year ago. Caroline, you know how to reach me, I would love to support each other. If you ever want to walk after work or something, please let me know.

So each day I give the pep talk and hope that it will be the day that I start turning the tide and unleash myself from the current that has me floating down the river.