Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally Moving On

Last night I was at a show committee meeting for my local kennel club and as we were discussing things to get ready for our summer show the topic of handler “tricks” came up. They were discussing how to “fix” a gay tail on a dog.

FYI “gay tail” basically means the dog carrying the tail in a way (usually higher) that is not recommended in the breed standard of the dog. In the case of poodles, a gay tail is anything other than it being carried at 12 o’clock. Instead the gay tail is carried bent over the back of the dog to varying degrees. In this case they were talking about using a rubber band somewhere on Golden Retrievers.
This discussion just reminded me why I don’t want to be involved in the conformation side of dog shows. It’s all about how to fix the dog’s natural makeup to win. It’s all about the winning. Who cares about the dog, (do you think the dog wants some of these painful things done to them?) Gotta get that ribbon.

I think I am finally moving on from the dog show stuff that happened this summer. I see the person that I am no longer friends with and it doesn’t bother me anymore. I'll never be okay with her not valueing my friendship, but I don't long for an apology or wish it had never happened. I am glad it happened. I can see that now. I am much better off.
I have also begun selling off my dog show stuff. One of the most important items an exhibitor can have (other than a dog and a show lead) is a tack box that holds all your combs, scissors, potions and powders. My tack box had a sticker on each side of a poodle in show trim. They retail for $140 and last many lifetimes. I got mine used in a dog show stuff forum and that is where I sold it today.

A lot of my stuff I will still use to groom my dogs, but it is time to say goodbye to the items that I would only use going to a show.

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