Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rubbing off

I think I am rubbing off on a few of the girls at work. They are jumping on the WW band wagon.

They even had me buy them the Points Calculators so they were able to make better food choices. People that haven’t done points still tend to look only at fat grams. They don’t realize that the calories, fat and fiber all play a part in how healthy a food item is.
All of these girls are much lighter than I am, so they aren’t starting out with a lot of points. I think one of them is only starting out at 21 points per day.
They thought they had made a great snack choice in buying twizzlers. Many of you may like twizzlers and find it is worth the points, but when I told the girls it calculated to be 3 points for 4 sticks, they didn’t think that was such a great choice. I know I would never spend 3 points for that, but I am a chocoholic and any junk food I eat will be chocolate. They also bought 94% Fat free popcorn for a snack and I’m sure will quickly learn to make more good choices.

It will be interesting to see how they do and if they stick with it. I was a bit concerned Friday when they were loading up on pizza and Mountain Dew in the hopes they would weigh more on Monday when they officially determined their start weight so they could have more points. Personally, not the way I would go with that. Oh well… steps I guess.


Spunk said...

Haha. That reminds me of what the women in my family always did before starting a diet.


steph said...

Hahaha, that sounds familiar though, I have to admit. Gotta eat all the cool stuff, 'cause I can't have it tomorrow, you know.

Kery said...

Hm, "load before the official WI so that I start higher"... that pretty much sounds like pretzel logics (I kind of like this term, hehe).

Mamacita Chilena said...

woah, that's kind of weird. What's the point of joining WW if you're going to sabotage your first weigh in. You're only hurting yourself.

And I would never spend any points on twizzlers IF i were doing weight watchers and IF I lived in a country that sold them! NEVER! sooo not worth it!