Monday, January 21, 2008

Points are Point......Right?

A point is a point is a point. I think this is a widely held belief. Well, I am beginning to think that is not the way I should be feeding my body. Just because something fits in our points range doesn't automatically mean it should be a food that we eat all the time.

I currently have 30 points per day to use not including flex and activity points (which I never use). I can confess that most days I would spend 12 of those points on what I term “healthy junk food” like Fiber one bars, trail mix, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, and Vitamuffins tops. Yep, I never go over my points but how much actual nutrition do these items give my body considering the level of exercise I am doing? I think I am short changing myself by allowing so much "junk food".

So I looked carefully at the Core plan this weekend and it still scares the bejebbers out of me. I do not know what “satisfied” should feel like. In my opinion, “satisfied” just means I hit the bottom of the bag. I think I am going to try what I heard a person called “Flor” (this is a combination of the flex and core plan). I am going to stick more to the core food list but also count the points. This way, I am going to be giving myself healthier food, but not yet relying on understanding my body’s signals (if it has any)

I am also limiting myself to only 4 points per day of anything related to “healthy junk food”. I’ll report back on Saturday to let you know if my new plan worked.

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Freshman15 said...

Not too relevant to this particular post, but I recently read several of your other, older posts and wanted you to know that you're very inspiring! I'm trying to lose 35 pounds and it's much harder than I thought it would be. Your achievements show me that with perseverance and a good attitude, weight loss can be done! Good luck with everything.