Friday, January 18, 2008

Elmo Needs a Good Stretch!

One of the girls at work bought this Elmo for her nephew. You pull his arms and or legs and he says “Elm needs a good stretch”. Playing with it made me think about stretching.

I have never been a big fan of stretching. Hell, I never moved my body, why would I need to stretch it before or after watching an X-files marathon on the Sci Fi channel?
Now that I exercise at least five times a week, I have begun to enjoy stretching. It all started with a yoga tape I got a couple of weeks ago. I purchased, through Amazon, a video called “Just My Size Yoga”. This is from the makers of the “Just My Size” clothing line. I’ve never been interested in yoga because I didn’t think my frame with all of its rolls would be able to do anything that the instructors were asking of it.

This is yoga for fat girls! It’s marvelous. There are no pretzel moves and I don’t even use a mat at home. She shows you really simple poses like the cat, dog, downward dog, child’s pose, and a couple of the warrior poses. The DVD lasts about 35 minutes and is very relaxing and very doable for an overweight, non athletic newbie to yoga.


Cate said...

5 times a week, hmm? Sounds like an athlete to me. :) keep up the awesome work--this way is HARD but it works. i will definitely check out the dvd--thanks for the tip!

pandafan said...

Wow....a yoga DVD for us? I'm all over that one...thank you. Keep up the great posts! I look forward to it every day.