Monday, January 21, 2008

$12 a Week Vitamuffin Habit

I finally found the chocolate, chocolate chip Vitamuffins at my local grocery store last week. I bought 4 boxes of them. These are expensive little suckers. They were $3.99 per box! You would think I would carefully savor and enjoy them and spread them out dent in my grocery budget.

No such fortitude. I ate all 4 boxes (12 muffin tops) in four days. I even gave some to a coworker to hold for me, but that didn’t work. In his defense he tried to stop me, but I threatened bodily harm if he didn’t hand over the stash. I was in addict mode. So as much as I enjoyed my little chocolate muffin tops from heaven I don’t think I had better buy anymore.

One, I’ll go broke, but also these are obviously a new trigger food for me. I think they may have to go the way of the no bake cookie for now.

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