Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Cravings

I have had great workouts this week in the gym.
I am back to lifting weights and it feels so good to feel that fatigue when I am done. I really do get a "high" when I am done. Today I did 30 minutes of hills on the treadmill (while watching Workout on Bravo) and then lifted. As I was near the end of my workout I was thinking about what I should have a post workout snack.

Are you sitting down for this one????
I was craving YOGURT AND STRAWBERRIES. You heard me right, YOGURT and STRAWBERRIES. Not the ding dongs that taunt me from the vending machine that I walk by on the way to my car, not the fiber one bar sitting in my drawer, YOGURT and STRAWBERRIES!

Guys, I really think I am changing.

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