Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a Fine Line

Boot camp means pushing my body beyond its limits. Pressing on even if I think I am at my end, just a little bit farther. You have your partner, the rest of your team, and the trainer there yelling that you can do it. It really does makes you try a bit harder and feels oh so good when you are done.

So how do you know the difference between when your body has gone as far as it can and when you are being a whiner? I am still amazingly sore from boot camp and kettle bell class last week. This morning is the first day tears didn’t come to my eyes when I squatted to sit on the toilet. My knees hurt and I have a shooting pain down the back of my right leg. (Last night when I got down doing my homework, I felt something pop in my back and my leg has hurt ever since.) What is the difference between sore and hurt?

Tonight is the lower body wow! workout again. I just don’t know if I can do it. But how much of that feeling is my mind telling me I can’t and how much is my body saying I’m going to injure myself if I push this hard again tonight?

I am going tonight; I just think I may skip the whole hopping on one foot part of the program. I tried to demonstrate it to a coworker and it really hurt.

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