Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of Boot Camp

Last night was the last workout for boot camp. I didn’t go. I dreaded the thought of it all day and decided to be selfish and not make myself do something I dread. Tonight I have to go for my post body scan and then Thursday we have post testing to complete and then that is the end.

There is an Alumni camp for people that have been through boot camp offered next month. It costs $30 and offers 2 workouts per week and you must attend 4 workouts in the month. I had planned on signing up for it, but have changed my mind. I don’t know if it was the weight gain on Saturday that pushed me over the edge or what, but I just don’t want to do boot camp anymore.

I am really enjoying Kettle Bell class so I will plan to do that three times per week and then fill in the rest of the week with the gym here at work. I’ve just decided that if I want activity to be a part of my life, it has to be something I enjoy. There are so many things I want to try. I don’t want every workout to feel like a life or death ordeal.

I am happy that I did boot camp this month. It made me grow. I learned that I can accomplish so much more (mentally and physically) than I ever gave myself credit for. It has given me the confidence to do group classes. I realize that I am there for me and that is all that matters. I also learned that even strangers will pull for you. All the boot campers yelled and encouraged each other at every workout. Lastly, even though I thought 1200 calories was a little low, I do appreciate that I really cleaned the garbage out of my diet and I will add things back in a little I am going to do my best to stay “clean”

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Heather said...

I say "yeah" to you! Great job taking responsibility and stepping up and saying, "hey, I tried something new and took some good things out of it but all in all it wasn't for me". I think that you are in such an amazing time in your life and so motivated that this is the time to explore new things and to push yourself. Don't let that silly gain get you down-they happen sometimes and they are a fact of everyday weight control-you are doing so well and I am so excited for you!

Keep me "posted" (hahaha) on what's next for you.

Love ya!