Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Farmer's Market

The Farmer’s market opened today. I was shocked because it seems so early. There was one little old white haired man down there with his little table of goods set out in front of his slightly rusty van.

They weren’t local or even Michigan grown goods either. He had some California strawberries, and oranges, some tomatoes from goodness knows where and some hanging flower baskets.

It’s not like I really thought I’d find local zucchini or anything and just the thought of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables makes me giddy. So I went ahead and bought some of the strawberries from this little old guy.

I figured that I needed strawberries anyway and I would much rather put $3 in his pocket than into Meijer’s fat coffers. Considering it was only 25 degrees here this morning, I should have taken him a cup of coffee too!

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