Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bootcamp Day Two

It's 9:30 and my muscles are still functioning so I thought I'd better give my report of our first official boot camp workout titled......LOWER BODY WOW! I am so glad the first workout is over. I get so freaked out doing new things worrying that everyone is looking at me or what if I'm the last to finish......I spend a lot of time psyching my self out of things. But not this time.
The workout was scheduled from 6:30pm until 7:45pm at a local park. Let me tell ya, she worked us every minute. She already sent the group an email telling us to think of her each time we squated to pee tomorrow. (Damn, I wish I could pee standing up.)

Basically we did a lot of interval training. She set us up about 100 yards away from our partner. We then did a variety of things (high steps, lunges, hopping) moving toward our partners then run back to the start. We also did sets with the rubber band things attached to our legs, then switched back and forth with our partner. I really liked that we switched back and forth, it gave us all time to catch our breath. She had us do a lot of hopping on one leg too. It is amazing how much stronger I am on my right side than on our left side.We also did step ups using the picnic tables at the park. I know there was a lot more, but I think the lack of oxygen to my brain is making it hard for me to remember. We finished the session with some yoga poses.

I did it! I really finished the first workout. Mind you there was some contorted faces and some grunting on my part, but I did everything she asked of us. I am strong.

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