Monday, May 19, 2008

Bootcamp Weekend

Well, It sure was easy going to boot camp workouts on Saturday and Sunday knowing that my hard work is paying off.
Saturday we did a little obstacle course on the playground. First we had to weave in between the kids on the swings (they loved it) then go to the picnic tables and do ten step ups on the right leg and ten on the left leg. Then we had to turn around and do ten dips ( I didn’t even know I could do dips!). Here comes the fun part. We had to climb up this little plastic mountain then crawl though a tunnel and go down the slide. The last leg of the course was a short jog back to finish. We did this three times. It was actually quite fun.
We did some bear crawls through our partner’s legs along with some running and clapping push ups and plank holds.
The next half of the workout involved the water balloons we were instructed to bring. We paired off and one of us did sit-ups catching the balloon on our way down and then tossing it back to our partner on the way up. Each time a balloon broke we had to jump up and do ten up downs. In the end we threw the balloons at each other until they were gone.

Sunday’s was on the sand hill at the same park. Lots of hopping, running and high stepping up the hill. Then we had to pull and hold our partner in a suspended position on the swings. Again with the pushups and planks.

What I love about boot camp is that we don’t need any equipment to do any of this. It is just you and your body. There is no excuse to not do this. We only have two workouts this week so I have plenty that I need to do on my own this week. I think the mail box shuffle will be on my agenda.

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