Friday, May 30, 2008

Bootcamp Results

Yesterday was the testing to see how much stronger and how much we lost doing boot camp. Then we met a local bar/pizza joint for the results. About 30 people showed up to hear their results. Not to make light of my results, but I will be honest and tell you that when she took our measurements yesterday she really pulled the tape measure more than what I remembered when she took our pre boot camp measurements. All I’m saying is that the results may be inflated because of this.

I received the inchworm award. I lost the most inches. I lost a total of 13.25 inches over my hips, waist, and iliac (midriff). I also lost 9 pounds according to her scales. I increased my crunches by 8 in one minute and my push ups by 23 in one minute.
There was a guy (thin, fit and a runner) that lost 27 pounds! Everyone lost weight and inches and was stronger as a result of the three and a half weeks.

So after hearing my results, I briefly reconsidered doing the Alumni camp next month. But even though I got good results it doesn’t change the feeling that it wasn’t that fun of an experience for me. (Not compared to kettle bell, anyway) So why go back and do something I didn’t like just because it yielded results.

I did save enough calories to enjoy three slices of pizza but decided that I was satisfied with two slices (best pizza in town) and actually had the strength to throw the other slice away.

Overall I am grateful I participated in boot camp. I do feel as though I’ve made some lasting changes this month. I feel like I broke my addiction to sweets. I have had a box of vita muffin tops in my freezer for over a week and I have only had one. I also bought a box of skinny cow fudge bars two weeks ago and haven’t even opened them.
I have also over come my fear of group classes and worrying about what others are thinking of me exercising.

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Lovebug6100 said...

That is so amazing!!! You've done great!