Friday, May 16, 2008

Boot Camp: Upper Body Outrage

Last night was an exhausting but interesting workout. First we had to get into our accountability groups and confess any transgressions such as cheating on the diet (I did not count my modification of the diet as a transgression), or not making a workout for the week. Then she added up the demerits for all the group and that gave her the number of reps we had to do of exercises. We had a combined total of 68! We started with 5 laps down and back of the playground (probably ¾ the length of a football field) then we did pushups, burpies, a cadence drill, and more laps. The second round of laps required your teammate being on the other end of the field. I would run to her, we would high 10, and then drop for 5 pushups. Then she ran down and back to me, high ten, and then 5 pushups. That counted as one repetition! We had to do 5 of those.

Then we started the actual workout! We did more pushups, more cadence drills and this exercise where you and your partner push against each other’s hands and try to step on each other’s feet! We had to do 5 repetitions of that as well.

Time to move over to the playground equipment. Cool I think I’m going to get to swing. No, your butt doesn’t go in the seat, you put your hands on the seat of the swing and with your feet in one place, push the seat out, so you are using your abs to keep yourself from falling to the ground. On to the monkey bars for pull ups! Here is where I feel inadequate. I cannot do a single pull up. There is no way my arms can hold up this body weight. Your partner could help by holding your legs for you, but it was very uncomfortable and embarrassing. We also had to move our body on the rings which were another thing I wasn’t able to do.
Our workout ended on the ground doing pushups, planks, and reverse planks and playing wheelbarrow with our partner. I wasn’t able to be the wheelbarrow at all. When my partner took my legs, my body just folded up. I held her legs and she did great being the wheelbarrow. I was pretty disappointed in my performance last night. I really felt like I didn’t have the strength to do so much of it.

I really feel emotionally and physically drained today too. I am teary, and I’ve snapped at a coworker today. Plus we have boot camp workouts both Sat and Sunday this week (for Sat workout we are told to bring water ballons). Hopefully, kettle bell class tonight will make me feel strong again.

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