Monday, May 5, 2008

Feeling Deprived....but I Haven't Even Started!

I got to peek at the menu for boot camp on Saturday. We will get our packets on Tuesday, as well as do our baseline testing, but someone got a hold of the menu from a previous boot camp.

There are lists of meals for you to choose from and that’s it. It says at the top of page. Breakfast: Choose one and ONLY one, Snack: Choose one and ONLY one, Dinner Choose one and ONLY one. I don’t remember much, but it didn’t seem to be big portions. It kind of freaked me out. Remember, I’m the person who eats until it hurts (literally).

I have to admit I ate a bit more than I normally would have this weekend simply because I know it will be a month before I have these things again. It’s not like I bought Totino’s pizzas or went really crazy or anything, but I did have a few skinny cow fudge bars, a few hemp brownies (no THC involved), I even ate movie theater popcorn this weekend. Plus I made sure to have my mocha and bagel after my WW meeting.

Now I realize why diets don’t work. I don’t ever feel deprived with WW. I know that I can eat anything I want; I just have to count it. Whereas Boot camp has given us a list of what we are allowed. Just the thought of something being off limits really does make you want it more.

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