Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bottle That Feeling

I had a great kettle bell workout yesterday. There were only two of us there for the class so it was like having a personal trainer. I feel such a high when I get done working out. I feel so strong and capable, like I can conquer the world. Why can’t I bottle that feeling so I can sniff it when I am trying to talk myself out of going to workout (such as tonight)?

Well, I am attempting to bottle it in a way. I am trying to really revel in that mood when I am having it. Saying to myself out loud how proud and how powerful I feel right at that moment. I am hoping that eventually I will be able to recall that euphoric feeling just by thinking about it. Sounds a bit far fetched, but its worth trying. I want to practice being in the moment and acknowledge the sensation of pride that comes with doing the work.

Right now, I am sitting and telling myself that if I go to boot camp tonight, I will let myself skip tomorrow 5:30am workout. (I am on vacation for the next two days so the lazy side of me is telling me that I deserve to sleep in on my days off). No, what I deserve is a strong, healthy body and I’m not going to get closer to that body by lying in bed when I have an ultra peppy trainer waiting for me on the sledding hill to run relays.

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