Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boot Camp Day.????? I've lost track

So last night (Mon) was Lower Body Wow! I went in to the workout with the sciatic nerve on my right side screaming like a Metalica song. Lucky for me, the left side decided to make it a duet shortly after we started the workout and I was evenly matched for pain. The trainer showed me a couple of stretches but basically said if it doesn’t get better, I should see my Dr.

This was the same workout I did on Tuesday of last week and just like last week's workout, it was totally brutal and exhausting. I was in so much pain when I got home. I coated my ass and back of my legs with Icy/Hot and went to bed. (I had never used Icy/Hot before and they aren’t joking that first it’s Icy and then it’s Hot. I thought I was getting blisters on my ass it felt so hot!

Woke up this morning at 4:30am so I would have time to wake up and feed the dogs before I went. I was thrilled that my sciatic nerves were not hurting anymore. I felt great. When I arrived at the sledding hill at 5:30am, it was pitch dark and a bit foggy. I think 25 people showed up. Today’s workout was doing relays up and down the sledding hill. She broke us up into groups of 4 people, which was nice because you got to know and encourage someone you really weren’t familiar with. Just my luck I ended up with 3 super fit marathon runners! It was alright though, they were very encouraging and I do believe I pretty much held my own. I even wiped out once and just hopped back up and continued on.

I lost count after 15 or 16 relays up the hill. Not all running mind you, (I think that would have been easier) instead we did lunges up the hill, reverse lunges, frog hops, shuffling sideways, sprinting, you name it, she had us do it up the hill.

More than once I said as I returned to the bottom of the hill, “I’m done, I just cannot do a bit more.” What was nice about the relays though is that it gave you 30 seconds to catch your breath before you had to do a leg again. Even though I didn’t think I could do anymore, by the time my turn came around, I sucked it up and pushed on. Our workout lasted about and hour and 15 minutes. We finished up with some stretches and a bit of yoga.

As I said yesterday, I have never felt so accomplished before. I keep telling myself I can’t but I still do. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have more of an understanding of truly how strong I am both mentally and physically.

So here I sit at my desk at work, because I am too sore to get up and move anywhere. Instead of going to a coworker’s desk to tell them something, I am sending emails today and the Motrin is not even beginning to touch how sore I am. I would love to sneak into the gym and lie down on the thick floor mat and take a nap. But no rest for the wicked. I promised my mom that I would come into town tonight and take a nice leisurely walk with her after work. Please not the work leisurely. (I sure wish I had my grandma’s walker….)

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Wendy said...

You totally rock! I love checking in on your blog, it is so inspiring. I too struggle with weight and am on my fitness journey. Each success you have I am there with you. You go girl!