Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Garden

Saturday a friend and I started our cooperative garden at her house. I don’t really have a place for a garden at my house since everything is fenced for the dogs. Haven loves to dig in fresh dirt. Nothing would stand a chance at my house. Since my friend has a huge yard, we decided to put our garden at her house.

Saturday we rented a rototiller (this area had not been a garden for many years) for two hours and worked up the ground. I am estimating here but I think it ended up being about 30 feet long by 15 feet wide! We really bit off a big garden area! We shopped for plants and seeds after we returned the rototiller. (BTW the tiller rental was $18 per hour with a two hour minimum. Quite reasonable I thought).

We started our shopping at our local organic coop. They had lots of organic seeds and plants in the greenhouse that were started right there at the coop. They were out of peppers so we went to another place for those. For the most part though, our garden is organic and we don’t plan on using any pesticides either. We plan to both take care of the garden weeding and watering and we are splitting the costs as well as the harvest 50/50. I don’t know my portion of capital investment but I am thinking it will be around $50.

We ended up planting 14 pepper plants, 27 tomato plants, 6 each of cabbage and broccoli, a peanut plant, 6 pea plants, dill, cantaloupe, watermelon plants. We also planted seeds of zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, radishes, carrots, beans, corn, cucumbers, and a few others I am sure I have forgotten. Whew, did I say we planted a garden or did we plant a garden! I see lots of canning of tomatoes in our future.

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