Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I mowed my lawn!!!!!!

So what! You may be saying to your self. We all mow our lawns every week. Well, about four years ago, I was so unfit I started to hire a neighbor boy to mow every summer.

Last year, because of John and I working so hard on our finances, we decided that paying someone wasn’t in the budget any longer and so I planned to do it myself. Of course I made the excuse that I didn’t have time to push mow it so I ended up buying a used riding lawn mower. (Mind you I barely fit between the seat and the steering wheel.)

By the end of the season neither the push nor the riding lawn mower was running, so they both needed work. I refuse to get the rider fixed. Instead I paid to have the push mower (not self propelled either) maintained for the season and Monday I mowed my lawn myself with my push lawn mower! It only took me 39 minutes (I wore my Garmin 201) to do all of the yard that wasn’t fenced. The last time I attempted to mow it, years ago, I know that front section took me an hour because of all the breaks I had to take.

So, when I am whining that I am not keeping up with the other people in boot camp, I just need to remind myself that I have far surpassed the me of a year ago both physically and mentally and I will catch up with those people, I just need to enjoy looking over my shoulder at the past to see how far I’ve come.

Green plus: The push mower is much better for the environment because takes much less gas because it isn’t hauling around my ass!

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