Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Shoes

After weigh in today I went to the local runner's store to look at new shoes. I really wanted a new pair for boot camp. If you have any kind of an actual running store near you, please go there for your next pair of shoes.

The sales guy had me take off my shoes and roll up my pant's legs so and had me walk up and down a walkway as he studied my gait. He also had me stand on one foot and then bend that knee so he could presumably check the strength of my arches. Doing this helped him determine if I pronated and what kind of stability I needed in my shoes. It was quite informative. I was there for an hour and a half. Granted he took care of a few other customers as well in that time frame, but he really took a lot of time and brought out a lot of different shoes for me to try on.

I narrowed it down to three pair that I liked. A pair of Reebok, Muzino, and Sauchony. I ended up buying the Sauchony.

I wondered as I paid if I could have gotten a better deal online, but honestly even if I had paid more, the time and knowledge eth at this store gave me would have been worth it. Incidentally, I price checked after I got home and their price was exactly the same or less than places online. The Sauchony website has a suggested price of $110 and I only paid $90 for the pair I ended up with.

I had heard that it is good to have two different pair of shoes for workouts. I was told that the life of the shoe would double. Actually, according to this guy, the life of the shoe will triple because it will get a full 24 hours to recover the cushion. He didn't address if the shoes should be different brands, but I have heard that as well.

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