Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weigh in report for May 17th

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I am down 7.2 lbs this week for a total loss of 72.2 pounds so far.
To say I have a renewed love for the torture of boot camp is the understatement of the year. This shit is paying off way more than I thought.

Today's boot camp workout is in a few minutes and involves water ballons! I'll give a full report tonight.

Hoooo Raaaa! Bootcamp!


WeightLadder said...

That is awesome... congrats. keep it up.

Lovebug6100 said...

That is so awesome!! I wish I could do bootcamp with you! Keep up the great work...and image what a change you'll see at the end of the month!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap!!!! 7 lbs is huge!! You certainly are finding extreme ways to get your exercise in. I am so excited to hear of your experiences and that you are seeing results but remember to listen to your body too, don't kill yourself in your battle to be healthy and thin. Keep up the good work and please keep us posted, this blog is often the highlight of my Mondays! Love ya girl!!! Heathert