Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weigh in report for May 3rd

Down .4 pounds today. Must say am a more than a bit disappointed in that number. I kept my points to 24 per day (instead of the 29 I am allowed) all week and had some amazing workouts. But as we all know....effort in does not always equal results on the stupid box.

On another depressing note...... I was cleaning out the cupboards for the annual post office food drive and found 30 cans of food that was all expired (some of it 10 years ago!). It makes me very sad to know that I wasted all that food. Granted this was not all food I had purchased. My grandmother was notorious for unloading her pantry on me every time I visited. Even so, if she gave me something I wasn't going to use, I should have sent it to the food pantry. I vow to not be so wasteful in the future. As my punishment, I did not just throw everything away. I opened each can and dumped out the food and then rinsed the can so it could go into the recycling.

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