Friday, February 29, 2008

Journal for Thursday Feb 28th

WW yogurt 1 pt
English muffin 1 pt
PB2 and Sf jelly 1 pt
Fiber one bar 2 pts
orange 1 pt
salad 6 pts
orange 1 pt
Egg whites 2 pts
bread 2 pt
1 slice FF cheese 1 pt
1 cup FF milk 2 pts
Curve bar 1 pt
Fibe one bar 2 pts
3 cups Movie theater popcorn 6 pts???????

Total points 29 points
I am totally guessing on the movie theater popcorn....the WW week one book listed it at 3 points for 3 cups but I didn't know if they were talking about the movie theater popcorn that you can buy that is microwavable..... So to be safe, I doubled the points.

Activity: 35 minutes of hills on the treadmill and an hour and a half laughing my ASS off at the new Will Ferrell movie Semi Pro.

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