Friday, February 15, 2008

Back to Normal

Life is getting back to normal in many ways finally. Last night, with the help of my mom, I got all my bedroom furniture moved back into the bedroom. After just under two weeks John and I were able to have a nice restful sleep in our bedroom. The room turned out great. I took pics and will post them later. Now I am just waiting for the bill.

The dogs, well, not so thrilled with all the changes. One, they really enjoyed having a king size bed in the dining room. They thought it was a giant dog bed there just for them. Two, we replaced the nasty carpet in the bedroom with a wood look laminate and it is darn slippery! Poor Haven tried to jump up on the bed last night and only her front paws made it. She just hung there like she was afraid to let go and drop off a cliff. So I gave her a boost up on the bed. Morgan was making a three foot leap from the carpet in the living room onto the bed. I have got to start training her for agility! I have since put down some scatter rugs so they’ll have to learn to launch off them. My only lingering worry is when the bill comes for the repairs. I should be hearing on that tonight.

I am much better mentally as well. I just feel better. I feel clearer, calmer, and content. (Of course I say this day before weigh in) I had great workouts this week and ate well within my points. I did allow about 4 extra points on running days.
Maybe it is getting my house back in order or maybe I have finally gotten my head games under control again.

This weekend I will be going through my clothes again as I put everything back away into my dressers. So I’m sure many more fat clothes will be boxed up for this springs garage sale.

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