Saturday, March 1, 2008

Journal for Friday Feb 29th

Happy Leap Day!

WW yogurt 1 pt
English muffin 1 pt
PB2 and SF jelly 1 pt
Fiber one bar 2 pts
Four Wasa crackers 2 pts
4 oz chicken mixed with FF mayo 5 pts
apple 1 pt
6 egg whites 2 pts
bread 2 pts
FF cheest 1 pt
1 cup FF milk 2 pts
SF mocha 3 pts
no pudge brownie 2 pts
1/2 cup breyers 1 pts
Total points 25 I stayed way under points today and chugged water because I was worried about eating that movie theater popcorn.

Activity: went out skiing for a bit over an hour. I took a few different trails and while I won't say I got LOST again, let's just say that had I had a map with me, I would have made different choices.

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