Thursday, February 14, 2008

Measurable Results

I am a person that thrives on measurable results. I never liked attribute qualities such as I feel better; I look better. How much better? A little better, a lot better? How much is a little or a lot?

I want feedback that is concrete. I always prefer information that is measurable and quantifiable. That is why the scale not moving has been so difficult for me to ignore. The scale is the measurable that I see every week at weigh in. I do have the actual measurements of my body, which is pretty tangible, so is my new clothing size. But since it takes a while to lose a size or an inch, I needed something else to measure. I really like to have constant feedback that I am improving.

So I turned my need for measurements to my quest to become a runner. I made up an Excel spreadsheet with columns for my mile splits, conditions of the run, and total time. I am going to do 5K I need to be able to compare myself with my former self to be sure that I am beating her ass! Gotta say, this week I really have thrashed the old Brenda’s times. Saturday at the Sweetheart of a run I finished at 48:26. Monday I finished in 47:01 and today I finished in 45:55. My one mile and two mile splits were improved as well. (I think I used the term split right….I’ve only gotten one issue of Runner’s World so far to learn all the new lingo)

So maybe this will keep me occupied until the scale starts moving regularly again. I can only hope……

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