Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Drama in Three Parts

Part I The First 5K of 2008

Today was the “Sweetheart of a Run” 5K. The temp was much better than the 5K we did in December. Today was about 28 degrees with only a slight wind. There were not nearly as many people that ran this race, I would estimate there were 25 people at most and only one guy with shorts on. I would estimate I jogged about 1/3 of the race this time. I improved my pace and time. My finish time was 48:26. I’d like to say I would have run faster and longer if my thighs didn’t still hurt from being lost in the woods skiing on Thursday. My other excuse was that it was damn slippery. I have got to buy some of those yak tracks for the bottoms of my shoes.
So yeah, I was DFL (Dead Fucking Last) but at least the people running the 10K didn’t lap me! See there is always a bright side. Really, I am proud of myself. I could have not shown up this morning, I could have quit, I could cut corners during the race. But I didn’t. I did this for me

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