Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Once again, our company is having growing pains and once again, that means that I am being shoved out of my office into yet a crappier one. I realize that this is a business decision, but it feels like a demotion and a slap in the face. They were already in here measuring to put down tile this morning.

The office I am currently in was a conference room so that tells you how big it was and they have decided to put two people in it and move me to a smaller noisier office. I don't take to change well and this really puts me on edge in a bad way. Two years ago I was shoved out of my office as my job duties changed and put in a group of offices that are right on the press room floor. Very noisy and a lot of vibration. I had a really hard time with that move but did eventually settle in, this move feels just as bad if not worse.

No, I will not turn to food. I am just sad and angry over not having control over my space. I spend more time here than at home, and it is important to feel like I have a say in how and where I spend my time. I always said I am like a male dog, I mark my territory and don't like things messed with. I would piss on the corners of my desk if I thought it would help!

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