Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weigh in Report for Sat Feb 23rd

Hey Hey Hey!!!!! Down 2.2 pounds this week. Total gone is 52.8. I am just so glad to have a good sized loss again. What a nice feeling.
I think posting my food journal for everyone to see helped me in a couple of different ways.
One, I made some better choices knowing that there would be eyes on my journal. A couple of times when I had one point left, I chose a yogurt when I normally would have grabbed another skinny cow fudge bar. I also eliminated Vitamuffins completely this week and limited my Fiber one bars to one serving.

Two, you guys pointed out things that I was counting inaccurately. Also, I got a few really good suggestions about spending my points on less proccessed stuff. These are all things I am going to incorporate this week.
So thanks so much those of you that took the time to give me new ideas. I really appreciate it.

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