Monday, February 25, 2008

Are we there alredy?

I’ve had a difficult time finding topics to write about lately. After a while it just seems like I’m saying the same stuff over an over again. I am not going to stop writing the blog, but the entries may be a little less exciting and may not come everyday. I hate to bore everyone with just day to day activities. I mean how many times do you want to hear that one of the dogs puked on the rug?

Have I exercised all my demons already? Absolutely Not. I do think I’ve made great progress mentally by doing this blog. When I am upset about something, I blog about it, instead of binging about it. I worked through my feelings of betrayal from this summer, and worked through a lot of my negative self image and negative talk.

I still have momentary flashes of binging (and was still binging in my opinion on the Vitamuffins) but I’ve been much more able to control them. When I would normally reach for a 2nd Fiber One bar, I tell myself I can have another one, after I eat a piece of fruit or yogurt. If after eating them, I still want another treat, go ahead. If I’m not hungry enough to eat those, then I don’t need the fiber one bar either. Am I always able to control my behavior with those thoughts? Not yet, but every time I make a right choice, it pushes those wrong choices farther in the past.

A friend forwarded me an excellent article about binging and its psychological roots and I am putting the link here: Sorry, I still don’t know how to do any html embedding. It’s on my “to do” list, I promise. It is a long article but well worth the read.

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