Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

I thought this pic was appropriate since it is "Super Tuesday". In case you can't read the caption it says: "Protect All Dogs......Spay/Neuter & Debark all politicians."

Gotta say, yesterday was tough day. I was just completely out of sorts. I felt dumpy and lethargic. I stayed within my points, so that was a good thing. I did not however, make good choices with my points. Yep, I did end up finding a reason to go to buy Vitamuffins and I ended up eating four of them. Good news is that today is much better and I feel much closer to normal.

BTW A Big Thanks to Heather who left a comment yesterday to drink water ‘til my eyeballs floated!

I think it is important to figure out why yesterday was so tough, so that I can do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Here is what I figured out. I learned my mind as well as my body needs to exercise to feel what is now “normal” for me.

First and most importantly, I had not exercised since Thursday of last week. I normally take Fridays off from working out, and Saturday I had to get the carpet and pad torn up in my bedroom in preparation for the remodeling. Sunday was more of the same and that is when my mood started to go downhill. Yesterday I didn’t take a lunch because I had to leave work early to be home when they delivered the dumpster for the construction. I firmly think lack of exercise contributed to my declining mood.

Second, my house is tore up due to some construction/remodeling going on and we are sleeping in the dinning room and all our bedroom furniture is in the living room. Definitely makes you feel out of sorts when you can’t find your underwear! Of course along with that is the concern of staying in budget and not having to dip into my emergency fund to pay for everything.

So I learned that I need to stick with what feels good (exercise), even if I am experiencing upheaval in other areas of my life. I just need to stay centered on me and my "Want List".

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