Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skiing Alone

Yesterday was cold (17 degrees) but sunny so I decided to go skiing. This is the first time I’ve gone out by myself. I really did enjoy myself. I didn’t go out for long, just 40 minutes, but it was so enjoyable. No sound in the woods but the swish of my skis.

This park is filled with very tame deer and I’ve seen them before while skiing and yesterday was no exception. I didn’t see them until I was on top of them. I got a few good pictures of them. I also found where they bed down. Makes me want to take them a bag of corn and a blanket tonight when I go back. But I digress…..

Last night really highlights a fundamental change in my life. Normally by the time I make my commute home, I am ready for an evening on the couch watching episodes of Friends that I have already seen six times. It only takes me thirty seconds to change from my work clothes into pajamas.

Instead, I thought of nothing but the peaceful skiing in store for me as I drove home. I changed very quickly into my outdoorsy clothes, grabbed my ski boots and was off. (My skis and poles are always in my car) So my automatic response when I got home was to go do something, and that something was not sitting and watching TV. I did activity just for the sake of doing the activity for enjoyment. Not that I was going to get an “extra” workout in and burn more calories, or that a friend was waiting for me. I did it because I like to do it. Amazing.

I am really happy with this turn of events. I think it reinforces that I am changing my life, not just trying to lose weight. This isn’t about restricting what I eat; it’s about enjoying my life.

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tiffdagost said...

Wow- the scenery is beautiful. We don't get much snow in Texas!