Thursday, November 1, 2007

Measuring is Necessary!

John (my husband) has been following the weight watchers plan with me even though he hasn’t been going to meetings or doing the official weigh ins.
I did notice that he was not journaling and I saw him using the peanut butter the other day and noticed that he did not use a measuring spoon, rather, he just used a regular eating teaspoon to scoop out the peanut butter he was putting on his toast. I cautioned him that if he isn’t measuring, he is lying to himself.

He poo pooed me that he knew what he was doing and to stay out of his business. Typical man. Well, as usual, I was able to prove my point when I went to use the peanut butter myself. A jar of peanut butter contains 32 Tablespoons which equals 96 teaspoons. The jar was mostly gone when I got into it 7 days after it was opened. For once I can say confidently that the dogs were not counter surfing and ate some of it. No chew marks on the lid. I would say that he was eating more than he thought. He was amazed when I told him how many servings were in the jar and how many were gone. So he swears he is going to actually use measuring cups and spoons and be better about journaling.

Measuring is necessary. Don't risk lying to yourself by eyeballing that serving.

The thing is, he can’t do this because I nag him, he has to do it because he wants it. He has to want to be healthy, want to be more mobile. You can’t win this battle doing it for someone else, you have to be hungry for it.

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