Friday, November 16, 2007

The Great Wall of China T-Shirt

I have a t-shirt that I bought while I was in China the day we went to “The Great Wall”. It says “I climbed the Great Wall of China. BTW…..what a workout! At times there were actual steps of different heights and depths and at times it was a smooth slope! But let me tell you it was tough and I was exhausted when I finished.

Backstory: China doesn’t have fat people. None! Everyone is a normal weight. (Give them time, there is a KFC or McDonalds on every corner now in Beijing….don’t worry, their obesity rates will catch up to ours in the U.S.) I was warned by one of my Chinese instructors that I should be prepared to be stared at while I was there because of my size. I was offended that she even said that to me, but she was right, I was stared at as much as the African American girl that was with our group. We were stared at and whispered about. Of course they would ask her if she was an African Princess, luckily none asked if I had eaten a child.

Anyway, of course the T-shirt didn’t come in a size any where near what I would need to wear, but I bought one anyway and stuffed it in a drawer. The tag says XL, but this is a size small if I ever saw one. So I got it out and hung it up where I can see it because come hell or high water, I will wear that T-shirt. Maybe I’ll wear it when I run my first marathon!

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i want to buy it