Monday, November 26, 2007

Why will this time be different? Part II

This time will be different because of the way I look at food. I look at food with new eyes now. Today in my management meeting everyone was eating huge portions of some chocolate and nut covered cake. Sure, it looked good, but I know that’s not what my body needs. My body doesn’t need sugar and empty calories; it needs the components to give me enough energy for my next killer workout.

I like to be able to justify food that I consume. I don’t want what I eat to be tied to emotions anymore. I want to logically know that there is a physical/scientific reason for eating something. Here are a few examples: Trail mix has healthy oils and is high in protein. Sugar free pudding has a serving of calcium which all women need more of. A fiber one bar has a ton of fiber (thus the name). I choose boneless skinless chicken breasts because they are a good source of protein. I eat egg whites for the same reason. I know that my body needs nutrients so that it can build muscle and won’t think its starving.

It’s like the light bulb has finally gone off inside of me that screams at me to give my body what it needs instead of what my head wants. We can’t forget the old saying. “Eat to Live….don’t Live to Eat.”

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