Wednesday, October 31, 2007

End of the Farmers Market

So sad to see the end of the farmers market already. I rely on my weekly trips there to stock my office with apples and buy squash from the Amish guy. I went today and there was one lone farmer there with apples and squash. No more tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.
Now I am stuck buying the pesticide ridden, over priced, past its prime fruits and veggies from Meijer. I have over 20 squash to bake off yet for the winter, so hopefully that will hold me over until next fall. I bought two big containers of Fuji apples for only $3.00!

Speaking of apples, one of my many, many, pet peeves is that often when you buy apples at Meijer’s they are the size of a childs head! If I am being responsible and trying to get my fruit servings in, don’t punish me by making me count three points for it! Is there such a thing as a one point apple anymore at a grocery store? The farmers spoil me and let me pick out all of the small/medium apples for my bags.

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