Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weigh in Report for Nov 23rd

Whooo Hoooo!!!!!! I am down 5 more pounds today. The week of Thanksgiving no less. I am so thrilled. Total pounds gone 38.

I attribute this loss to a couple of factors. First, I went back to basics this week and just did straight weight watchers points. The other factor is my new friend. She worked my ass this week! Friday night I met her after work and since it was already dark and cold we worked out in her three story office building. So for 45 minutes, we walked the floor and then up a flight, walked a floor then up a flight. Then we would work our way to the bottom and start over. Stairmaster never prepared me for the huffin and puffin I did that night. She even motivated me for a Thanksgiving day workout. I tried to tell her that Thanksgiving day should be a day of rest, but she was relentless. So to my dear wonderful friend Stacey, THANK YOU!!!! Funny, she says I motivate her, but I think its the other way around.

Thanksgiving day went well. It was just John and I and I did all the cooking so I could control what was in the house. I made a whole turkey but kept it covered while it roasted so the skin was not that yummy golden brown and I was able to just throw the skin away without temptation. I also made my normal stuffing and replaced the 1/2 cup butter that the celery and onions were supposed to cook in, with straight chicken broth. A cup of my stuffing only ended up being 2 points. I made John a crustless pumpkin pie ( I don't like pumpkin pie) and I had a skinny cow for dessert. I stayed completely within my points.

Today Deb came over and we walked around town for darn near an hour. Man it was so cold! Only 26 degrees today and the wind was whipping. It still counts as a workout and Haven and Morgan were happy that they got to go along.

BTW.....No, I did not win 2 million dollars. A coworker did this year and we each posed with the check and pretended for a moment it was us.

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