Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday.......

Back story: Day after Thanksgiving shopping was to my mom and I like opening day of deer season to most avid hunters. Mom and I would be on the road by 4am and have a color coded itinerary of what store we were to go to and what was to be purchased. We even carried a set of walkie talkies so that we could split up and cover ground faster and take turns standing in the hour long checkout lines.

One year we bought so much, we had to go home, unload the car and go back for more. We were pros. A very important part of our ritual included having a picture taken with the shopping mall Santa with all of our purchases included in the picture.

Once we found Dave Ramsey and decided to pay off our credit cards and get out of debt, it put a crimp in our spending spree Holiday. Last year we still had our picture taken with Santa, but we held signs that reflected our new found principles. “Debt is Normal. Be weird.” I sent the picture in to Dave Ramsey to show him what a difference he was making in our lives.

Fast Forward 10 months. There was an envelope in the mail yesterday with Dave Ramsey letterhead. I figured it was a letter announcing that Dave was going to be doing a live event in the area. Inside was a note from Dave Ramsey himself! I scanned it to include with this post. Just click on the pic to enlarge to read it.

Wow! Dave actually reads his mail and took the time to send us an atta boy! Again, if you don’t know who Dave is and are spending out of control and want to tell you money where to go so that you stop wondering where it went, please visit his website www.daveramsey.com You will not regret it.

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