Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is on my ipod?

I bought a 4gig ipod nano when the new version was released a couple of months ago. This is my first MP3 player and I absolutely love it. Music really does make a difference in the intensity of my workouts. My biggest complaint was that the headphones that came with the unit fell out of my ears when I would do floor work. I bought another pair of headphones that hook around the ear that work much better, although the sound isn’t as great as I think it should be.

I love that with the nano you can sort things into play lists. I have my music organized into four play lists so far. General, workout music, holiday and one I’ve named Frank/Dean/Ella.

I only have about 30 songs in the workout play list and I do find I will search for a fave to start out on the Stairmaster. Usually I like to start out with “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne or Bette Midler’s “I’m Beautiful” Something about those songs make me shout the lyrics, wave my arms and make me thrilled I am on the machine changing my life a little every day. Really pumps me up.

I’m sure I will need to pick new anthems to work out to occasionally but until then, you can find me in the gym singing (in between huffs and puffs) at the top of my lungs “You might be my lucky star……….”

I primarily use the ipod on the Stairmaster and while doing floor cardio and lifting weights, I find that if I listen while on the treadmill, I try to walk to the beat of the songs and end up getting shin splints. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you listen to?

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