Thursday, November 8, 2007

Eating too fast

Eating too fast is by far my biggest struggle when it comes to listening to my body. I eat too fast. I am not just talking about finishing before the person across the table does, I am talking, about the eat so much so fast your gut is screaming and you feel like you could throw up fast.

Conventional wisdom says that we should put our fork down between bites, or make sure we have a glass of water before we eat, chew every bite 24 times. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know all of these things. The problem is that as soon as I sit down with my plate, I immediately go into this trance like state and all external stimuli just fades away until the plate is empty and I feel like I am going to be sick. They also say make sure you sit down to eat, don’t watch TV while you eat. Hello! Eating / TV, not sure that one should happen without the other. I will admit that I eat all my meals sitting on the couch (surrounded by at least 5 begging dogs) watching TV.

Mind you I don’t go over my points. All of my food is carefully measured and portioned out on my plate before leaving the kitchen so this is food I am allowing myself to eat. I just inhale it too fast to comprehend.

I know some of it has to do with being a recovering binger and sneak eater. I remember thinking that as long as I ate something quickly and no one else saw me eat it, I can eat again and they won’t judge me because they don’t know that I already had a candy bar (or three). They think this is my first one. That makes it okay…..doesn’t it? Boy, nothing like having a multi pronged eating disorder.
P.S. Have no idea who the guy in the picture is, just a pic I found on a competitive eating sight where speedy eating is worshiped!

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