Friday, November 9, 2007

Dog Stories Part II -- Buddy

Buddy is our only mixed breed dog. After having Tucker about a year, John and I decided it was time to look for a friend to keep him company.
I was at the county fair (as foods judge no less) and met some people that said they had a little poodle mix they didn’t want any more (they picked him up in Florida while on spring break earlier in the year) and I could come and look at him at their campsite.
So I went home and grabbed John and we went back to the fair to meet Buddy. What we were greeted with was the happiest, filthiest dog ever. He was COVERED in fleas, and his tail was 3 times its normal size because it was matted solid with burrs. We were told that he had never had any vaccinations and was not neutered.
I was apprehensive to put him in that car because of the fleas so I asked if they could keep him yet that night until I could take him straight to the groomers to be flea dipped. They said “sure, we’ll just tie him to the picnic table tonight”. Needless to say, we loaded Buddy up, fleas and all, into the car along with Tucker.
Later that week I ran into the people we got Buddy from and they asked how he was doing. I informed them that he was adjusting fine and had an appointment to be neutered. Fine people that they were acted astonished that I would pay to have that procedure done as all I needed to do was wrap a rubber band around his testicles and they would just shrivel up and fall off. At this point I am quite certain that Buddy traded up in family. Buddy will also be turning 10 the month of November.

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