Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just like the boyscouts say, Always Be Prepared

The boy scouts had it right. Always be Prepared.
I really think being prepared is the key to being successful in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I know that preparing things on the weekend will make my entire week run more smoothly. It is one small variable I can take out of the equation.

I am referring to my weekly cooking. At some point during the weekend, I cook off more than enough food for dinners all week. If I skip this, I know that I am setting my self up for opportunistic hunger pangs to sabotage my eating. The following is a list of what I do.

Each week, I cook off a family pack of chicken breasts. Sam’s club’s everyday price is 1.97 for boneless skinless chicken breast and that is usually the best price you find it on sale at any of the local grocery stores. I just spray a frying pan with pan spray, and fry them all. When they are cooked, I transfer them to a Rubbermaid container and stick them in the fridge.

Next, I boil a box of whole wheat pasta; I am not particular on a brand, just what ever is on sale (gotta be careful to stick to the grocery budget….). After that is cooked and rinsed, I pop it in the fridge as well. Those two things start me on my way to success. Like most, I am hungry when I get home from work even though I eat an apple on my commute. This way, I have the makings of a great dinner waiting for me.

Now, each night when I first get home, I need chocolate. So I also make up a double batch of Jell-O brand cook and serve, fat free, sugar free pudding mixes. (It is chilling as I type) I often grab a ½ cup of that and top it with a couple of Tbs of fat free whipped topping, and sit and enjoy it as I plan my next step for the evening. I am fussy with the brand of my pudding. Jell-O is the only way to go. Even with both of us eating it, it will usually last us thru Friday.

John and I both like pizza. Who doesn’t? I keep the fridge stocked with Flat Out bread to use instead of a regular pizza crust, spaghetti sauce, turkey pepperoni and low fat mozzarella cheese. This makes a great, satisfying pizza for only 9 points.
So these are just a few of the things I do to prepare myself for the coming week. I know that they are instrumental to my weekly success.

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Jeff said...

Cooking at home is one of the best ways to lose weight. Having a menu and food for every night, or cooking ahead as you do, is the best way to avoid the temptation of eating out. Great post.