Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Favorite Lean Cuisine

I admit, I am a creature of habit. I eat a 4 or 5 point Lean Cuisine every day for lunch.
They are a much quicker option than going to the local subway, relatively cheap and overall pretty good tasting. I love the Salmon with basil and orzo (4 points) and the Chicken with Almonds (5 points). John loves the Panini’s and so I have always bought them for him, but never actually looked at how many points they contain. I just assumed they were 8 points like the pizza's are. I was shocked when it was only 5 points.

Well, the freezer needs restocked so pickings were slim this morning when I left for work so I grabbed one of his Panini’s. I just devoured the Chicken, spinach and mushroom Panini (5 points). I ate it as an open faced sandwich. I am in love!I even used my fingernail to scrape any wayward cheese off the “revolutionary” grill plate. I will be buying many more of these this week on grocery day. Poor John, now he will have to share them with me.

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